Kitchen garden gate

Kitchen garden gate


Trim - Six bushes -  a one time thing!

Trim - Arbor vines - a one time thing!

Mow - Can you mow once a week? We have riding mower, takes about an hour!

Prayer Walk has new signs and we want to keep it spiffy! - Can you weed-whack every 2 weeks - a very easy job!


Before the winter... ENERGY EFFICIENCY NEEDS - Can you help with one of these?

  1. Install a chimney balloon

  2. Install additional insulation in attics

  3. Remove wood floor in attic

  4. Remove whole house fan and sheet rock opening

  5. Install blanket on attic water heater

  6. Install covers for attic pull down stairs

We will provide all materials.


If you or a friend can help with  one or more of these items

please call our office at 860-354-8294.