“Only in Silence Can you hear the Silence Speak.”- Father Ben Priest

A retreat is a gift of time away from the stresses and concerns of everyday life. It refreshes the body, mind, and spirit and allows you to connect to your true self. People go on retreat for a number of reasons. Whether you’re looking for meaning in your life, need time for reflection, want healing, or just relaxing and getting away from it all, chances are a retreat will restore you. You’ll return home filled with a sense of peace and contentment.

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Personal Retreat – One of our most popular retreats, you are free to retreat however you want. Activities might include walking, reading, journaling, praying, resting, or just being. Gain a new perspective on your life and leave restored, refreshed, and recharged

Silent Retreat – Provides an opportunity to focus on inner self and listen for the voice of God. This retreat frees you from the distractions of conversation and allows you to focus your attention inward and re-connect with your true self.

Solitary Retreat – The same principles of a silent retreat except no interaction with other people. The Oratory provides a special place for the solitary retreatant in our Hermitage….a separate building hidden in the woods. The Hermitage will provide you with a simple place to meditate and pray.

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