Directed Retreat – For the individual seeking a more intimate relationship with God. You will meet each day with a Spiritual Director to share your experience of prayer and discern the movement of the Holy Spirit within you. Suggestions for ongoing prayer are offered to aid you in your journey of faith.

Guided Retreat – A retreat based on a particular theme. Retreatants begin each day with a presentation on a theme. Past themes have centered around mens’ and womens’ spirituality, healing and prayer, couples, clergy concerns, seniors, and parents. Have an idea and need some input? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you.

Pastor’s Retreat – Pastoral ministry can be exhausting. We invite clergy of all denominations to come away by yourself for a while. Many clergy come to a Tuesday healing service for a time of renewal…a time for them to be prayed over. The hermitage and the retreat house also offer a more extended time away from busy ministry. A time to “hang out with God”, and have one’s soul refreshed. Pastors can retreat privately or meet with other pastors in a guided program (for the purpose of encouraging each other).

Healing the Shepherds Retreat- A two day retreat offered to clergy or others involved in full time ministry (including doctors and nurses). The focus is on how wounds sustained in the service of God’s people are able to be given over to the healing touch of our Savior. It is ordinarily presented at the Oratory twice yearly. Over the past several years it has proven itself to be a powerful instrument of healing in the lives of many.